About ME


My name is Alex Chee!

I am a Fitness Coach based in Malaysia, which is located in South East Asia

Fitness has changed my life, it taught me so many valuable lessons and has made me a better human being.

Because I know how Powerful it can be

I decided to embark on this never ending journey to help others achieve their Fitness Goals too!  


Growing Up,

He has always find it hard to gain weight, and often became a victim of bullying because of his appearance

Inspired by NARUTO (Anime), he often dreams that ONE day he can become a Strong & Independent person

Little did he know, he followed his idol and carried the attitude of “Never Giving Up”

It was the beginning of a journey he never saw coming…


Being featured in TWO Men’s Health Cover at the age of 22, he also became the youngest Lifestyle Ambassador in Malaysia for Optimum Nutrition; the world’s Best Selling Bodybuilding Supplement

He started training at a young age (14) weighing 47kg and 177cm at the time.

His Goal : A Positive Transformation

10 Years later,  backed up by results, he continues to packed himself with as much experience and knowledge in the field of Fitness. He has proven consistency do breed results and transformed his Mindset within his Fitness Journey, and strongly believes that Fitness is an amazing TOOL to transform an individual life for the Healthier & Better.


He has achieved a POSITIVE self-belief, Confidence and Energy from this lifestyle;  he continues to apply this attitude in other areas of his life and has since then devoted himself to everyday Self-Improvement. 

Since starting his coaching services in 2015, he has consulted Clients from all around the World to transform not only their physical appearance, but also their mental capability and spiritual strengths.